Connect and manage your assets
with secure, reliable and
customizable hardware

Technology To Connect the Unconnected

Long Range

Wireless Communication up to 25 km


Easy to install and 

no maintenance

Low Power

5 to 10 years

battery lifetime


Modify it to your

needs and wishes

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Meet allóra Flex

allóra Flex is a unique, flexible and industrial grade hardware platform that enables rapid product development at a minimum cost. The platform is set-up for scale productions from the start. Connect your assets worry-free from concept over to prototype and straight through to mass production in record time.

Disrupt your industry and get in the lead with our flexible platform. Invent the future today!

Scale Fast, Reliable and Secure

Fast to Market

Use our standard products and customize them to your needs to enter the market in record time.

Get in the lead with our smart products. 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

No Limits

Disrupt your industry with a new smart product that nobody has ever build before.

Reliable custom products are becoming a reality with our well proven hardware and software platform.


Full Service, Nothing Less 

1. Research

2. Concept

3. Design

4. Industrialization

5. Production  

6. Support

Disrupting Their Industry with Us

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